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For everyone, everywhere


Group and 1-2-1 facilitated dance, meditation, relaxation sessions enabling you to...

Follow your body

Still your mind

Dance your dreams

Allow your body to lead and as you follow you will find fresh shapes, colours, patterns and possibilities.

Life can too often feel repetitive and boring.  This is a space to feel alive, spontaneous and answerable to no one. 

Everyone welcome; whatever shape, size, experience, or physical limitation.


Book a Zoom Session

£5 concession rate

£5 concession rate

£5 concession rate

No refunds. A concessionary rate of £5 is available for people who are unemployed or on low income, use code FLOCR at checkout.

Abstract City Lights

Dancing to an upbeat selection of jazz, soul, reggae, house, latin, afrobeats, funk, disco and more.

These sessions are about having fun, moving, relieving stress and relaxing.
And in this world we live in, that’s enough.

Other things can also happen…

  • Find yourself:  dancing with all our hearts stills us, enabling clarity of thinking, wisdom and inspiration.

  • Experiment: ‘try on’ different ways of being in dance. By-pass the chatter of the thinking mind, and habitual patterns.  Allow the restrictions and roles of your ‘normal’ life to fall away.  Be surprised!

  • Let go: be open to life; feel free, sad, happy, scared, anything…or nothing. Emotions can get stuck our body, limit our energy, and reduce our ability to feel fully alive. 

This dance invites you to be in motion, to move your emotions, and be re-energised.


What to expect during a session

  • a guided warm up to music of the body parts

  • 'the shake': a powerful body move to shake off stress and tension held in the body

  • free expressive dance to a specially selected playlist

  • experiment dancing with your eyes shut; the 'inner' dance 

  • guided meditation

  • relaxation to soothing music

Online sessions offer the opportunity to dance with others but to not be seen at all.


Wear comfortable clothing, bare feet if possible, have a yoga mat, blanket or comfortable chair to lie (or sit), water to drink.

Sessions menu

Friday Flomotion

  • A full 90 minute group session 

  • Warm up and 'Shake' (stress release)

  • Free dance to specially selected dance music

  • Guided meditation and soothing relaxation

First Steps

  • ​60 minute class for 'beginners'

  • Facilitated dance for those who won't, can't, haven't danced 

  • Option to join Ecstatic Awakening Dance at the end of the class

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ sessions

  • Julia holds a Teacher Training Certificate in Ecstatic Dance and can guide you through a 90min awakening journey

  • Read more


Find your flomotion: 1-2-1 sessions

  • A safe space to invite you into your moving body

  • 'The story of the body' dance

  • Tailored exercises to suit your needs 

Closed Group sessions

  • Specially designed for your group of family, friends, colleagues

The Dance of the Therapist

  • The Dance of the Therapist is a practice to put the body, movement and kinaesthetic experience at the centre of experience.

  • Read more

Reclaiming your love of life through the Magic of dance

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.