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Ecstatic Awakening Dance (EAD)

A dance practice, developed in the 1990s, in response to an increasingly complex and demanding world, and a growing interest in ‘ecstatic’ states seen in the taking of MDMA and the rave scene. EAD offers an invitation to ‘get out of your head and into your body’; to turn off the chatter of the thinking mind, to let go of tensions and resistances and to access a deeper part of ourselves using movement, music, breath and meditation.

It is designed in release stuck energies in the body; to revitalise, oxygenate and awaken the life force and natural vitality; to release stress and trauma held in the body.  To create transcendence from our normal, everyday identity and offer liberation and joy.  To surrender; allowing yourself to be danced rather than make the dance happen.  To be here and now.

EAD incudes:

  • The powerful ‘shake’ movement to release stress locked in the body.

  • The breath of fire: a simple and effective breathing technique to oxygenate the brain and body, allowing energy to move and emotion to be released, bypassing the thinking mind.

  • Free expressive dance allowing the body to follow the movement of energy; developing the witness, watching energies arise as we dance without judgement or attachment.

  • Meditation and letting go:  centres awareness in the heart and integrates the experience of the dance.

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