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Spread The Love of Dance

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Guest Blog by David Cohen

What happens when your cosy little free-form dance group suddenly gets an influx of new and returning dancers?

I’ve been going to a wonderful and liberating free-form dance session every other Saturday, for just over 15 months.

When I first started, I was a new kid on the block. I certainly didn’t have much idea about dancing with other people in this kind of free form dance. I hadn’t danced anything like this since the heavy rock discos I attended at UMIST, Manchester, way back in the 70’s. Even then, most of the evening was spent with my head glued close to a giant set of speakers, when I wasn’t literally freaking out playing air guitar (Note to self: Wonder if this might have caused my tinnitus?)

But, gradually, slowly, and with the unspoken support of the core people who were already part of this group, I started to feel welcome. This led to integration and feeling of belonging, and I began to feel that I’d spent all of my life with some of the dancers.

Hardcore Dancers

Over the Winter, there was a consistent number of us attending the dance, the hardcore who braved it through the cold and dark evenings to do what we love, dancing, and to connect with the crowd. The payback was just too good to resist.

In this time, we learnt to move together: finding our own styles and preferences, connecting in different constellations of people within the group and dancing as the ‘whole’ group in particularly uplifting moments. The experience was exhilarating and rewarding; each time there was something new, something fresh to be gained. Always a lot of fun, and a feeling of unbeatable bonhomie at the end of the evening when we said goodbye.

Ever-widening Circles of Dance

Now that the evenings are lighter, the temperature milder, more people are coming out of hibernation to join in.

The core group has built the foundations, constructed the glue, firmed up the perimeter, created the container in which newcomers can join in. We have forged a path together that becomes attractive and compelling to those who come along and sense it. It is the calling of human connection that we all yearn for.

A New Dance Emerges

In moments, the somewhat hesitant and solo stance of those new to the dance, gives way to smiles, dancing with others, whoops and all things in between. Energy becomes transmuted and we all soak in the atmosphere.

Each person that comes along has something different to bring; their own uniqueness and how it is being expressed in this moment. New people bring fresh energy. The group changes, it has new features, new textures and borders. We sense into the space and discover each other and we recreate our group identity.

So, come along, help swell the energy and be part of something bigger, much bigger – you know this is how it’s meant to be, right?

Flomotion Dance

Flomotion dance is held every two weeks in Archway, north London. On-line sessions are also held once a month.

Email for more information. © David Cohen April 2023

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May 14, 2023

The article I penned above has given me huge inspiration, to the effect that at this last weekend's Flomotion session, I felt that I really opened up totally to dancing with others in new ways that I hadn't done before. So, something subconscious must have been going on for me - a real 'breakthrough'. Oh, and the session was just so incredible - I was almost lost for words at the closing circle. A truly supportive and inspiring environment that can have such positive impacts in so many ways. Come along... you'll be welcomed by all.

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