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Is Flomotion the same as Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

In one word, NO.

And yet, it delivers some of the same things… let’s dig a little deeper.

Dance Movement Therapy (DMP) started to emerge as a discipline in the twenty years between 1950 and 1970, and only began producing training courses in the 1980s and 90s. The field has attracted widespread interest following evidenced-based research showing significant results and is practised in a wide range of settings and with diverse groups: people with dementia, PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, birth preparation and more.

Here’s how the British Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists defines DMP:

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is a relational process in which client(s) and therapist use body movement and dance as an instrument of communication during the therapy process.

What will I get from Dance Movement Psychotherapy?

A trained movement therapist will give attention to you and the issues that you want to work on. Instead of the usual means of doing this in ‘talk therapy’, where the focus is a conversation between you and the therapist, you will move together, sometimes to music, sometimes not. The narration will happen through the movement of your bodies.

There will also be opportunities to talk together.

Transpersonal Therapy

My own therapy training began in the early 1990s. I was drawn towards Transpersonal Psychotherapy, itself the new kid on the block in the therapy field. The approach, somewhat based on the work of Carl Jung, recognizes that there is a spiritual perspective underpinning everything. Transpersonal Psychotherapy is interested in addressing mind, body and soul to explore a deeper sense of self beyond the conditioned ego.

Flomotion Dance

Flomotion is not overtly therapeutic in its outlook and intent. The main thing that attracts people is the opportunity to dance, especially those who feel too old for clubs or who want their dancing experience to be less about the pick up. There’s no booze, no drugs, a friendly and inclusive crowd. The offer of going out for a pizza together after dancing enhances the social and community element, so valuable for good mental health.

Flomotion online gives those who are not based in London, have kids at home or otherwise can’t get out, an opportunity to join the community and dance with an open and friendly crowd.

What will I get from Flomotion?

You will get me! A therapist with decades of experience holding a space that allows you to access freedom through your body. You will get to dance! Many people don’t want to or can’t be in the places that dance happens: clubs, bars, parties, festivals etc Flomotion offers you a space.

At the beginning of a Flomotion session, I give gentle guidance to bring your awareness into your body, giving permission for you to flow into spontaneous movement.

I will invite you to pay attention to your breath, to know that all parts of you are fully welcome (mind, body, emotions, soul), and that this is a safe space to allow your body to lead without having to know or be anything at all. There’s plenty of opportunity to do your own dance without guidance, and afterwards a chance to rest and recharge to some relaxing sounds. You are then invited back into movement; initially we dance with eyes shut so you get to experience your dance like no one is watching. There is more time for unguided dance, and the session ends with a meditation.

Therapeutic benefits of Flomotion

When we dance together we communicate. We express feelings, thoughts and body sensation through our movement. We can change how we think and feel about things through moving in different ways. This is immensely valuable, is evidenced in many studies, and is repeated again and again through the feedback of participants. When we move together we become more open and accepting towards others. We are pack animals, deeply programmed to connect with each other. Dancing is a valuable portal for this.

Flomotion is also a way of letting go of stress, keeping fit and having fun!!!

Why not come along, you will always receive and warm and friendly welcome

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2023

This is a great blog post. It brings the reader gently round to seeing the comparisons with therapy, but doesn't overtly state too much about the impact of Flomotion... because there is a lot to discover, that's hidden between Julia's words, which is personal to those attending, and which can only be grasped by dancing... and quite often that realization will be over a period of time, not overnight. So, how do you find out? Come along and dance like there's no one watching!!! See you there...

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