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Flomotion two ways:

Flomotion Live

Our twice monthly group, 2hrs, £20

(£15 concessions)

Flomotion Online

1hr 45mins, £15




Methodist Church, London N19 3TD


Saturday 29 June

6.30pm to 8.30pm



Saturday 29 June
Saturday 13 July
Sunday 21 July
Flomotion@Wisdom on Wellness Festival
Saturday 27 July
Saturday 31 August
Saturday 14 September
Saturday 28 September
Saturday 5 October
Saturday 19 October
Saturday 2 November
Saturday 16 November
Saturday 30 November
Saturday 7 December



1-2-1 with Julia

Perfect for beginners wanting a private session. 1 hr, £70

Coming soon

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™

Expressive dance and meditation combined. £20

Coming soon

The Dance of the Therapist

An embodied practice for therapists only. £140

Coming soon

Shadow Show
The Magic is in The Mix by Flomotion Dance.jpg


Flomotion offers you freedom through dance.


Follow your body, still your mind and dance your dreams.


Flomotion is a safe space to truly feel alive, spontaneous and be answerable to no one. After a session you’ll be relaxed, re-energised and supported by a like-minded community.


“I can’t dance.”

Yes, you can. You can become more alive and more confident by using your body in dance. Shy? We all are to a degree; we take that into account by offering 1-2-1 sessions with Julia.


Everyone welcome; whatever shape, size, experience, or physical limitation.

- the 

Flomotion’s playlists are a wonderous and surprising mix of rhythms. The tracks are an invitation to change your current state; be in motion, move your emotions and be re-energised.


We want you to have fun. We help you relax and relieve your everyday stresses.


So, join a Flomotion session for an upbeat selection of jazz, soul, reggae, house, Latin, afrobeats, funk, disco and surprising tunes. 

Dancing Women



Well, that depends on you and what you bring. Changes usually don’t happen first time. Like everything else in life, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.



  • A guided warm up to music of the body parts

  • 'The shake': a powerful body move to shake off stress and tension held in the body

  • Free expressive dance to a specially selected playlist

  • Guided meditation & relaxation to soothing music

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing, bare feet if possible, have a yoga mat, blanket or comfortable chair to lie (or sit), water to drink.


Your Potential

Find yourself:  dancing with all our hearts stills us, enabling clarity of thinking, wisdom and inspiration.


Experiment: ‘try on’ different ways of being in dance. By-pass the chatter of the thinking mind, and habitual patterns. Allow the restrictions and roles of your ‘normal’ life to fall away.


Be surprised!


Experiment: dancing with your eyes shut; the 'inner' dance


Let go: be open to life; feel free, sad, happy, scared, anything…or nothing.


Emotions can get stuck our body, limit our energy, and reduce our ability to feel fully alive.

Dancer in Sunset


Julia has been dancing since school days. She went to a diverse inner London comprehensive school, and there discovered the music of many different cultures and peoples.


The 80s Rave Scene

In the 1980s, she became active in the night club and emerging rave scene, and began organising club nights, which included both live music (jam sessions) and house music during and after the second ‘Summer of Love’ (1988).


25 years in Psychotherapy

Julia has practised transpersonal psychotherapy for 25 years. She has had a long-term interest in dance, community, the body and spirituality. In the 1990s she created Spirit in the House; a workshop exploring the transcendent experience of the rave scene.


Dance Self Expression

Julia draws upon multiple influences. Pursuing her own conscious dance practice for the past 15 years (Gabriel Roth's 5 Rhythms, Open Floor), she holds a Teacher Training Certificate in Ecstatic Dance. Process Work, founded by Arnold Mindell, has enriched her understanding of the body as a channel of self-expression and discovery.


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